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Embedded Finance Advisory

Every company will be a Fintech. You might have heard this statement and you might consider it true or not. But it's a fact that a growing number of companies are generating the majority of their revenue from financial services (for example Shopify). The opportunity is massive but how to get there? The path is complex.

I am working in Fintech since 2014 and am focusing exclusively on Embedded Finance since 2019.I am supporting companies in their journey to build Embedded Finance products. These companies might be just getting started or already embarked on their journey.As a generalist, I can support your company in various areas. Every project hast its own requirements but some typical areas are:

Research your market participantsDevelop your Embedded Finance strategy and roadmapConnect your company or team to relevant industry stakeholdersTrain and educate your team members about Fintech/Banking
Research Fintech trends that might affect your companyAnalyse infrastructure providers incl. strengths and weaknessesFind early customers and supportersBe a sparring partner for the Fintech leader in your team
Understand how others are approaching Embedded FinanceConduct full infrastructure provider selection processIntroduce you to experts for other areas 
Analyse what they have built and howSolve specific banking/Fintech challenges  

Please send me a short message if you have a potential project in mind and I can share more details about my offering.I am also open to support other projects in the Embedded Finance space (e.g. banks or Fintech infrastructure companies).


👋 I am a Fintech operator and investor based in Berlin. I have been working in Fintech since 2012 and it is my personal ambition to remove barriers for others to build and offer banking/payment products.🤓 My expertise is in Fintech infrastructure such as Embedded Finance, Banking-as-a-service, Open Banking, Open Finance and Plug-and-Play Fintech. And I love to solve Fintech problems.⏪️ In the past, I was a founding team member of figo (the first open banking provider in Germany) in 2014, and in 2020, I joined Weavr (a Plug-and-Play Finance provider in the UK and the EU) as its first commercial full-time hire. I played a variety of responsibilities as a Fintech generalist, including those in sales, business development, banking, and product.💸 I am an active angel investor with a strong focus on Fintech infrastructure. I invest globally, during pre-seed or seed stage and invest either personally or as a scout of a Fintech VC. As of August 2022 I have made seven investments in Germany, UK, Netherlands, USA and India.🇮🇳 I spend a good amount of time in India to visit my family in-law in Mumbai and get involved in the local Fintech scene. I was mentor at AA Hackathon and supported various other initiatives around Sahamati (see also the blog post series).🚴 In my free time I run, cycle, read and spend time with my family.


Please get in touch if you like to discuss a project, an investment opportunity or anything else.

Thank you

I will be in touch as soon as possible.Feel free to check out my Embedded Finance Newsletter: