Jan 19, 2017 2 min read

About time

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I have planned this for quite some time but now I am finally publishing my very first blog post. The last couple of months have been quite a journey. Our company has raised a strong Series B from ‘our perfect investor’ and is in a better position than ever to harvest the opportunities of PSD2 and XS2A. And my personal life has been even more exciting: I have married the love of my life last year in a “big fat Indian wedding” style during monsoons in Goa. Additionally, I have moved from my hometown Hamburg and my wife and I have started our life together in Berlin.

This also leads me to the question why have I started blogging at this point: there will be a lot of train rides between Hamburg and Berlin – and some of them will definitely have poor WiFi. In these times I want to put my thoughts into a short blogpost and publish it here. Since I joined the FinTech industry in 2012, I have spent a lot of time on Twitter (my FinTech source number 1!) and in the later years also on Quora. I enjoy it a lot and hope the same will apply to me blogging. The goal is to publish a blog post every week – fingers crossed!

What do I expect from blogging you might ask? First and foremost I want to put some of my FinTech related thoughts onto digital paper. I have personally learned a lot while answering questions on Quora – now I can tackle stories that keep me busy but are not being asked over there. And if one or two of these blog posts start a discussion; I have already crossed over my expectations. There might be also a benefit in my professional life of “working loud” but that should just be a pleasant side effect.

What kind of blog posts can you expect me? Anything that keeps my FinTech mind busy. Some of them might be very short (hey, the goal is one blog post per week!) and others might be a littler longer. They will never be complete or perfect – but that’s not the goal.

Due to my work at figo, stories like PSD2, Open Banking and ‘Banking as a Platform’ are very likely – but there is also a lot of other stuff. If you are interested in what we do at figo have look at our website, check my latest presentation on Slideshare or the recent Banking Tech article. But there will probably be a few updates about figo in this blog as well. And as you can see: I am planning to include a few links in every blog post that I think are worth reading – they might be interesting for you as well.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts – if I keep writing them, then I surely enjoy writing them 🙂

Stay tuned!

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