About me

👋 I am a Fintech operator and investor based in Berlin. I have been working in Fintech since 2012 and it is my personal focus to remove barriers for others to build and offer banking/payment products.

👨‍💻 Currently, I am working with Weavr, an embedded banking infrastructure startup.

🤓 My expertise is in Fintech infrastructure topics including Embedded Finance, Banking-as-a-service, Open Banking or any other Fintech project with an API. And I love to solve Fintech problems.

💯 In my various roles I have worked with more than one hundred different companies on their Fintech problems. I supported B2C Fintech companies with infrastructure provider selection; B2B Fintech companies with Go-To-Market, Product Design and Business Development, and Banks with Fintech and Embedded Finance strategy. Feel free to get in touch, if you like to discuss.

💸 I am an active angel investor with a strong focus on Fintech infrastructure. I invest globally, during pre-seed or seed stage and invest either personally or as a scout of a Fintech VC (As of August 2022 six investments in Germany, UK, Netherlands, USA and India).

🔙 In my past, I have worked for more than five years at figo (now FinLeap Connect), where I joined as the first employee in early 2014. I was Head of Business Development and responsible for Fintech sales, strategic cooperations and the developer community. As part of figo, I started Bankathon and hosted seven Fintech focused hackathons in Germany, Austria and Czech Republic.

🇮🇳 I spend a good amount of time in India to visit my family in-law in Mumbai and explore the country and Fintech scene.

🚴 In my free time I cycle, read and spend way too much time on Twitter.


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