About me

My name is Lars Markull and I am working in the Financial Service industry for more than ten years. I joined my first FinTech startup in 2012 and was working for figo for the past five years. As the first employee at figo, I was responsible for our non-bank sales, developer community and business development. During my time at figo, I have also started the hackathon series Bankathon and still support this event as a freelancer at figo.

In April 2019, I have left figo as a full-time employee to start working on my own FinTech idea.

In my free time I cycle, run, read, travel through India and spend too much time on Twitter.

About this blog

I am aiming to post a blog post every week about FinTech or nearby topics. This is obviously inspired by AVC. My blog posts will never be perfect, but that is also not the goal. My biggest goal with this blog would be to stir discussions.


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