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B2B FinTech fundings

Lars Markull
Lars Markull
1 min read

This week was predominated by the funding announcement of three FinTech companies: Iwoca (150m GBP debt and equity), GoCardless (75m USD equity) and Mambu (30m EUR equity). What makes these three announcements a bit special is – beside the fact that all of them announced them on the same day – that all providers are offering B2B solutions. Iwoca and GoCardless addressing the needs of SMEs in their respective markets and Mambu offering services to banks, financial institutions and similar providers.

The FinTech market gets usually very excited when the likes of N26, Revolut and so forth announce their massive fundings, but personally I am even more thrilled about the announcement of these B2B players. Of course I am little biased through my role at figo but whereas a nice banking app makes my life a little easier, a B2B FinTech service often solves problems that have a much bigger impact. Customers of Iwoca can get quick funding for their company, users of GoCardless can benefit of low-cost payment methods and partners of Mambu can develop fully new digital products. The FinTech community needs to be very thankful for big B2C players to act as representatives for the industry, but let’s not forget that the smaller B2B fundings are at least equally crucial.



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