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Bankathon 2017

Lars Markull
Lars Markull
1 min read

Until today we have organised four Bankathons and it all started in April 2015. For the second half of 2017 we are planning another two events, in Amsterdam and Berlin. Additionally, there are more and more other FinTech hackathons which are mostly organised banks. This is quite a high selection for FinTech developers to choose from when he/she is considering attending a FinTech hackathon.

Personally, I believe that hackathons are having a highly positive impact on the FinTech development. I am not saying that the next billion dollars idea will be developed at a hackathon, nevertheless, there are many obstacles to overcome in order to push innovation in the Financial Service industry. And hackathons are a helpful tool to bring the whole industry together to find ways to push innovation. All of us know that multiple parties are required to be successful in the FinTech game – so why not using a FinTech hackathon as an intensive 2-3 days event to see if the right partner is there for you.

We are seeing a strong need in the market for such events and as a middleman between banks and FinTech startups, figo is the perfect company to do so. With every Bankathon we are trying to improve and have an even bigger impact in FinTech. This will not be easier with every additional event, but that’s our goal. Once we have more details for Bankathons in Amsterdam and Berlin, I am happy to share them.



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