My Vipassana experience: Ten days in noble silence

A few weeks ago I got back to Berlin from a nearly six week trip to India. I stayed most of the time with my family-in-law in Mumbai but at the very beginning of my trip, I went for a ten days Vipassana (kind of meditation retreat) in Mumbai. In this blog post, I am describing my experience and answers a few questions I have received. So there is no FinTech in this blog post this time 😉

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Guess who’s back, back again…

One of the most important thing for being successful in anything from sports to learning a new skill: Consistency. Something I have been lacking a lot in this blog here. It has been more than two and a half months since I’ve published my last blog post. Last blog post in mid April and today is already beginning of July. So I have missed my own goal of one blog post per week pretty badly. That is something I cannot undo but aiming to become consistent again and live up to my self-set goal.

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Please launch a FinTech startup!

Today is my birthday. After New Years this is probably the best day for One to take a step back and think about what we are doing with our life at the moment and what the goal is for the following years. I have a clear “five year plan” in my mind: to launch my own FinTech company.

During my Masters program in 2012/13 I had already written a business plan for a crowdfunding idea and was considering to dive deeper into this opportunity after my studies. Luckily, as I would say now, plans have changed and I joined figo instead. The last years have been quite a ride and I couldn’t be happier and prouder of what we have achieved so far (and no end in sight ?). I know the FinTech startup world is where I belong and I also know that I will be launching my own startup at one point. In my position at figo I am working on a daily basis with some very smart developers and entrepreneurs who are about to launch new companies. This is not just very inspiring but is also ensuring that I am not losing track of my own goal to launch a FinTech company.

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About time

I have planned this for quite some time but now I am finally publishing my very first blog post. The last couple of months have been quite a journey. Our company has raised a strong Series B from ‘our perfect investor’ and is in a better position than ever to harvest the opportunities of PSD2 and XS2A. And my personal life has been even more exciting: I have married the love of my life last year in a “big fat Indian wedding” style during monsoons in Goa. Additionally, I have moved from my hometown Hamburg and my wife and I have started our life together in Berlin.

This also leads me to the question why have I started blogging at this point: there will be a lot of train rides between Hamburg and Berlin – and some of them will definitely have poor WiFi. In these times I want to put my thoughts into a short blogpost and publish it here. Since I joined the FinTech industry in 2012, I have spent a lot of time on Twitter (my FinTech source number 1!) and in the later years also on Quora. I enjoy it a lot and hope the same will apply to me blogging. The goal is to publish a blog post every week – fingers crossed!

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