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FinAsia Day in Hamburg

Lars Markull
Lars Markull
1 min read

In November the second FinTech Week will be happening in Hamburg/Germany. Last year’s edition was a great success, combining all different FinTech events of the second half of the year into one week. Resulting in a concentrated week of discussions, networking and learning. Last year the figo team had organised a Bankathon within FinTech Week 2016 and this year I will be personally supporting one event day which will focus on FinTech from the other side of the world: we call it #FinAsia.

Together with Christian Trumm we are working on an agenda for one full day focusing on FinTech Trends in Asia, mostly China and India. This might be not so much related to my daily work at figo, nevertheless, not less interesting. I have been quite regular in India in the last years and always been keen to see how FinTech is developing over there. For the conference, we have the goal to focus on Identity Management topics from India and Payment solutions from China. This topic will be very suitable for anyone working on one of this topics. We believe that both topics provide unique insights and there is no requirement to do business in Asia in order to benefit of this day. The identity management system Aadhaar in India for example is unique and not only another countries are considering adopting it but also businesses are benefiting of it. The learnings out of this development could be extremely helpful for anyone working in identity management. Similar implications apply to the development of payment solutions in China.

Once we have more insights about the agenda, I am happy to share it with you. Until then please reach out to me, if you are interested in what we are working on.

More infos: FinAsia Day at FinTech Week Hamburg.



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