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Every company will be a Fintech. You might have heard this statement and you might consider it true or not. But it's a fact that a growing number of companies are generating their majority of revenue from financial services (for example Shopify). The opportunity is massive but how to get there? The path is complex.

I am working in Fintech since 2014 and am focusing exclusively on Embedded Finance since 2019 (see my about page or LinkedIn profile).

I am supporting non-financial companies in their journey to offer financial products. These companies might be just getting starting to think about their first financial product or are offering one already.

I am not a pure strategy consultant but are working closely with the relevant teams on an ongoing basis. Companies that are working with me launch financial products faster, avoid unnecessary costs and generate revenue earlier.

As a generalist, I can support your company in various areas. Every project hast its own requirements but some typical areas are:


- Research your market participants (domestically and internationally)
- Understand how they are approaching Embedded Finance
- Analyse what they have built and how
- Research Fintech trends that might affect your company


- Develop your Embedded Finance strategy and roadmap
- Analyse infrastrucutre providers incl. strengths and weaknesses
- Conduct full infrastructure provider selection process
- Solve specific banking/Fintech challenges
- Provide product feedback
- Compare your EF product performance to similar solutions


- Connect your company or team to relevant industry stakeholders
- Find early customers and supporters
- Introduce you to experts for other areas


- Train and educate your team members about Fintech/Banking
- Be a sparring partner for the Fintech leader in your team

Please send me a short message or book a slot in my calendar if you have a potential project in mind and I can share more details about my offering.

I am also open to support other projects in the Embedded Finance space (e.g. banks or Fintech infrastructure companies). Additionally, I actively invest and support Early Stage Fintech startups. Feel free to get in touch.