Is Shopify a Fintech player now?

  1. Excellent. Just two comments. First, I agree embedded finance will increase, and makes sense for many companies as you described. I think this will work where the business model itself is sticky, not the banking/finance itself. For example, Delivery Hero seems to be trying to build up a “fintech platform”, however to me this makes no sense. Delivery Hero (and all delivery platforms) are not sticky; a restaurant will move around, sometime use the platform, use multiple platforms, or do their own thing. Until I understand how that will be incorporated into the overall product I don’t feel like it’s a worthwhile investment (recreating the wheel). And on to stickiness of banking/financial services, their products are inherently sticky. However, if it were up to the EU, that would change. We’ll see how things are moving forward.

    1. Interesting question to analyze what the requirements are for an embedded finance player to succeed. Not sure if there are is general answer possible, but can definitely learn from the early movers. I have actually not heard from the Fintech platform from delivery hero, please share details if you have 🙂

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