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My #FinTech homescreen

Lars Markull
Lars Markull
2 min read

“Lars, you are seeing so many new FinTech services every day. What is really your favourite FinTech service/app/solution/…?”

I have been asked this question quite often in the last few months. FinTech is spreading and new  services become available now on a more regular basis. In the old days, banks took months or years to plan, design and develop a new banking application and very often offered basically the same product in a new style. This is now changing due to new entrants in the financial service industry: services and especially apps are developed and released in much faster cycle. And these cycles will get even shorter and the attention for each and every new service will decrease on average – which is a good development.

The result is a variety of new services and products. FinTech apps are not just purely banking apps anymore. My iPhone FinTech homescreen has grown a lot in the last months and I am feeling quite happy that it is not anymore just the app from my bank – which was the case at the beginning. Now it looks like this:



I am currently using apps that help me to handle my savings, investments and payments on a daily basis. This is more than just about convenient.

But which one is my favourite? To be honest, I don’t have a specific one. FinTech is not just about that one app that controls your bank account. It is more, it makes my life easier, it makes me a better informed person and that allows me to make better decisions. But all of that is not being done by one single app but by all of them together.

At the moment my FinTech home screen is still dominated by apps that control one or more financial accounts. The usage of multi banking will change that and at the end I will probably choose one or two for that specific use case. But I am certain that the number of apps on that home screen will not decrease but I will use more apps that control other parts of my financial life. I call them “add-ons for your bank account”. I have seen many of them in pre-launch status and are looking forward that they become publicly available to everyone soon.



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